New Massive Quake Seized Japan また巨大地震

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Apr 11, 2011 23:49 宮城 English Japanese 日本語 英語 地震 被災地 Radiation 放射性物質 earthquake miyagi
By Nako, referring to the Meteorological Agency's announcement
記述 Nako - 気象庁の発表を参照しています。

On the very day when Japan marks a month since the catastrophe, Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and a series of radioactive crisis subsequently taken place, another strong quake hit in northern Japan.

The quake's intensity is 6 lower or magnitude 7.0, and that its focus was located at about 6 kilometers below the surface of the ground in Ibaragi prefecture.

Another reports concerning the incident:
Radiation levels exceed permissible limit

Fukushima evacuation zone expanded

Cherry trees bloom in quake-hit areas

15-meter waves hit Fukushima

TEPCO president apologizes, one month later

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