Oh, I almost forgot my promise made on the previous post! Translation 日本語にしなきゃ (@o@)

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Oct 6, 2012 23:56 new English Japanese topic word language study learn 新語 日本語 学習 話題 英語 勉強 習得 学ぶ 語学
I always appreciate everyone reading my posts every time. In the past a couple of days, I have written about a Japanese neologism "テッパン" in three divided journals. Reading them over now, I found them somewhat awkward T_T
To be honest, I didn't have enough time to work on my entries. Unfortunately I have been overwhelmed at a pile of work in recent days(@o@) So, every time I started writing my journal was only less than an hour to midnight. During the time left, I had to write the body text, give a title and attach a couple of image photos as well as translate into Japanese!

Oh, I just about forgot my promise made on the previous post!
It is a translation of the following sentences.


Okay, let me give it a try:)
"Mr. 〇〇, this presentation must be competitive!" "There is nothing beaten by rivals." "No doubt about it!"

Have a wonderful weekend!
いつも読んでくれてありがとう^^ ここ2、3日にわたり、日本の新語「テッパン」について三回の投稿に分けて書いてきました。今読み返してみると、何ともぎこちない投稿記事で... 正直言って、ここ最近、山済みの仕事であまりじっくりと書く時間がなかったのです。そういうわけで、毎回いつも記事を書き始めるのは日付が変わるまで、すでに1時間を切っていました。その間、本文を書いて、タイトルをつけ、2、3の写真を貼り付り、さらに日本語にして、とアタフタしていました。




すてきな週末を (^_-)-☆