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Feb 19, 2019 17:02
These days I am reading the book 'QUILL The life of Guide Dog'. I didn't know how guide dogs are chosen and trained. Puppys part from their breeder when they are 2 or 3 months, and puppy walker grows them to let them study to become close to people for an year. Then the puppys go to train center.

Trainer knows what puppy is suitable for Guide Dog . For example, when the trainer call , the puppys come over immediatly are not suitable for Guide Dog.

Gide Dogs have sevral partings in its life and when I saw QUILL's eyes when he parts I was very sorry.
最近私は「Quill The life of guide dog' という本を読んでいます。盲導犬がどのように選ばれ訓練されるのか知りませんでした。子犬は2-3か月の時ブリーダーから離れます。そしてそのあとpuyy walker と呼ばれる人に一年間育てられ、人を好きになるようにします。そしてトレインセンターに行きます。