Immigration and Emigration

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Nov 16, 2018 03:04
Immigration and Emigration
I heard that many of Russia's emigrants, living in the US, work as a construction worker and as a taxi driver. In Russia, many of construction workers and taxi drivers are immigrants, too. That's quite funny, I think. In 2017, there were fewer people who left Russia than those who came. So, 377 155 people left Russia in last year and 589 033 people came to work at the constructions here. Unfortunately, many Russian, who left their homeland, were educated people. This isn't an equivalent replacement. Of course, some rich Russians left for the US, too. Russians make up only 1.1% of American families, but 6.4% are families of millionaires. Where do you think most people came from? They came from Ukraine (more than 102 thousand). They work too hard here and they have low-status jobs. Russia is the third country in the world by the number of immigrants after the US and Germany. Here a link to a chart of emigration from Russia in recent years.