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Jun 16, 2010 19:09
I think I am quite proficient in English, if I may say so myself (hohoho). When I read some text, I understand it without any problem. But then again, I deal with English only in a written form. I thought that I should try to improve my listening abilities too.
I watched few movies with subtitles, but I was concentrating more on what was happening than on listening. So I tried it again, this time without subtitles... I couldn't understand even the half of it! Why? Sometimes I couln't even tell where one word ended and the second one started. I just don't hear it (I hope that it's because I am not used to listening English and that I don't have a problem with my ears).
Then my teacher recommended us this website:
It's called Special English and there are news or stories - they are all written in English and you can listen to them too. It's quite good. It helps me when I listen to spoken English and I can confirm what they say in English too. But I am curious about one thing. They say that it's American English. Are there big differences between British and American English? I mean, at school we learned the British one. Would it sound awkward if I mixed them together?