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Aug 28, 2019 18:03
I came across a YouTube channel featuring different aspects of the life of a Russian youngster. The channel is called "Life of Boris". Someone might find the content stupid since it is tailored towards teenagers and therefore contains lots of swearing words in both Russian and English but I find it interesting anyway. Judging by author’s vocabulary, fluency, and usage of grammar, Boris has a high level of proficiency in English. However, he uses an exaggeratedly pronounced Russian accent and purposely dropped articles, an inalienable mark of Russian speakers. Boris calls himself the King of Slavs and heavily exploits the gopnic and Slavic theme, which must be an advertisement for non-Russian viewers. In reality, I have never encountered a Russian person who roots his identity in the Slavdom. I have seen people considering themselves Soviets or more rarely Russians but most Russians do not think about that topic at all. The real reason why I brought Boris up here is his catchphrases, which came from Russian gopnic sociolect. My favorit is "Чики брики и в дамки!". It can be used when someone turns scales heavily in his favor.