A "mindfulness" lifestyle.

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Sep 4, 2019 21:17
I follow nobody in a social network, however, some of my friends' posts break into my information field sometimes somehow. Based on these posts I concluded that there is a new trend in the generation of Russian educated present-day 20-years-old and 30-years-old. They think and discuss a lot about "mindfulness" lifestyle. As far as I understand it means to live without rush, try to feel and reflect on each moment, emphases and respect our own feelings and comfort, take care of our own mental health and physical health as well, etc. I believe it is quite important to take care of ourselves. However, the fact that it is not obvious for some people makes me feel confused.
I used to study and work a lot in university, so I did not sleep enough and I did not eat healthy food. I felt bad, I was often sick, and I developed a migraine as a result. I used to believe I can succeed in acting this way. However, I realized I was wrong then. I realized how much important regular rest, healthy dietary habits, regular workout, healthy sleep habits, and sleep hygiene are. Neglecting some of these inevitably leads to health issues that in its turn prevent us from high-quality work. Interestingly, many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances argued with me about it and claimed they were able to work a lot with a good result having only 3 hours of sleep a day. Moreover, they accused me of being weak and unable to sacrifice for the sack of science. Now I can see many of them follow the "mindfulness" lifestyle trend. They practice yoga, meditation, sleep hygiene, healthy diet, etc.
There is an idiom or meme (I'm not sure) in Russian: "... до того, как это стало мейнстримом" ( https://ru.wiktionary.org/wiki/до_того,_как_это_стало_мейнстримом ). So In Russian I would say "Я вела осознанный образ жизни, до того, как это стало мейнстримом" which means "I had started to lead mindfulness lifestyle before it became a mainstream".
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