Describe a frightening experience.

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Dec 5, 2017 23:12
Describe a frightening experience. I think that all people have frightened moments in your life although alone one. My most terrifying experience happened late one night last year when I was going back home.
It was a dark night and I was walking home alone. It was raining hard and a cold wind was blowin, The street was deserted because it was very later and I, who had always been afraid of the dark, began to walk more quickly.

Suddenly, I heard steps behind me. At first, I think that I was imagining it,, but after a few minutes I heard the steps again.I phoned my best friend but I don´t give me so I ran very fast. I was amazing because I don´t know to do, I was terrified.
I looked around and noticed a dark figure walking quickly behing me. I was terrified and began to walk faster, but the sound of the footsteps behind me became faster too. I could feel heart beating as I began to run. I phone my best friend but I don´t give me so I ran very fast.

Then, a few metres above me, I saw the light of a restaurand and hurried inside. A moment later, the door opened and I went into the restaurant.I was so scared I could not even speak. At the moment, waiters helped me and they reassured me and I could phone my parents to come for me. This moment will never forget because It was very frightening for me.