Preparing for things to come

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Oct 13, 2015 21:01
Preparing for things to come

In our modern society, we spend considerably less time on preparing food than our ancestors. But does this really benefit the poeple´s lives? It certainly does. By being able to prepare food easily we can save a lot of time, improve our health and enjoy travelling in a comfort way.

In earlier times, people were forced to spend a lot of time on the preparing of food. This included boring tasks like for example collecting firewood to keep the camp fire going. As eating is of course vital to keep humans alive and well, they could not afford being careless with these tasks. Thus, by asigning a high priority to preparing the necessary food, people spend the better part of their days on this task. Nowadays, modern equiqment enables us to spend the saved time on more meaningful and productive tasks.

A second reason is that, being able to prepare food easily gives us the opportunity to create more healthy and nutrious food. People in the past suffered from the effects of malnutrition caused by food devoid of the important vitamins. For example, the old seafarers were scared of Scorbut. This a disease which is triggered by not being able to consume enough vitamin C. Nowadays, due to our ability to readily produce food enriched with vitamin C and all the other necessary containments, it became easier to take care of our health.

Thirdly, I think it just makes travelling in general comfortable. I know that the meals in international flights are rarely an occasion to celebrate, but imagine a world without. Long distance journeys are impossible without prepared food as there is often no opportunity to replenish consumed the already consumed one, this is of course especially valid when travelling via airplaine or ship.

By presenting this three reasons to you, I am sure that I was able to point out how beneficial the ability to preare food easily is for the society in general and everybody in particular.

I am trying to learn for an upcoming Toefl-Test. Thank you for your support.
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