We are four brothers in the family.

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Feb 8, 2018 02:15
We are four brothers in the family. I’m the second one of them and I can say having brothers can be tough sometime but at the end is a beautiful experience . We are three boys and one girl. I used to fight with the older one. We have a difference of two years and I used to go behind him and his friends when I was a child. Besides the fights, we loved to play football together. I can say I learnt a lot from him and he gave me protection against the children in my neighborhood.

My sister was two years younger than me. We had a good relationship but how she was a girl we don’t used to play together. I have develop close relationship with her after growing up.

My little brother was born ten years after me. I have a feeling about him more as a child than a brother. We are from different generations. I almost was a teenager when he was 4 or 5 years old. I used to picked him from school, I took care of him when my parents were working an all that staff. In some way I have more affection about him because of the type of relationship. Perhaps I see him vulnerable and have a feeling of protection about him.