Why China Grounded 737MAX8 First?

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Mar 15, 2019 12:23
Why China Grounded 737MAX8 First?

After the 2nd BOEING 737max8 crashed in Ethiopia, China authorites immediately banned the plane in China jurisdiction despite the safety guarantees from Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration.
It was an unusual step because the FAA is the boss in the globle aviation area, particularly in the air accident investigation.

Two months ago, a passenger posted on his Weibo, the counterpart to Twitter in China, suggesting people avoid BOEING 737MAX8.
This person could be an insider because he knew something.
He said a few Chinese pilots had reported an abnormal malfunction in this plane's control system after the first wreck in Indonesia.
An investigation panel was established by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
Their report suggested that 4 out of 10 simulations of this glitch would cause a disaster consequence.
So the CAAC had had the knowledge of this flaw to determine to ground the 737MAX8 immediately after the second crash.
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