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Jun 25, 2016 18:34
Galina, you may not be familiar with this name. But if I say Sergei Esenin, you will surely know him. Sergei Esenin was one of the greatest poets of Russia in 19th Century. Galina was his female intimate. Galina was born in 1897 in Russia, she was a integrated girl. Unfortunately, she fell in crazy love with Sergei Esenin. Whenever there were
recital of Sergei Esenin's poems, she would be there. Day after day, year after year, Sergei Esenin noticed her eventually, to his surprise, he found this girl was of high artistic talent, he appreciate her very much, then she became his friend and lover. But nothing good lasts forever, Soon Sergei Esenin fell in love with Isadora Duncan, the "Mother of the Modern dance" from America. They loved each other so much that they got married soon and went to live in America. Galina was shocked by the fact that "boyfriend had got married, but the bride was not she." But she tried her best to keep calm and continued to deal with Sergei Esenin's domestic affairs. Due to the differences in culture and language, Duncan and Sergei Esenin's marriage ended in divorce. Sergei Esenin came back to Galina, who was very happy and healed his wounds with her gentleness. But unfortunate things happened again soon. This time Sergei Esenin fell in love with Sophia, the granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy. They met in March and got married in September. Boyfriend got married again while bride still wasn't her. As you can imagine, what a shock Galina had got. However, the story still didn't end here. Sergei Esenin didn't get along well with Sophia too. This time he was desperate for life and suicided at a small hotel. Poor Galina, she was so sad that she even couldn't attend Sergei Esenin's funeral. From that time on, Galina was always mentally illed. At last, she couldn't bear a world without Sergei Esenin, she decided to killed herself in front of his grave.