I have used a hair dryer for a several years now.

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Mar 30, 2019 21:56
I have used a hair dryer for a several years now. Recently, I smelled something burning when I used it. It seemed to be a matter of time to get broken, so I went a store to buy it this afternoon. There were many types of hair dryers at the store. I didn’t need to buy expensive one, but the cheapest one was too simple. I took over 30 minutes to think about which was the best dryer to me. I finally decided the best one and took it to a register. However, a cashier asked me to pay less than I thought. I was sure that the price tag said it cost 2,430 yen, but he asked me to pay 1,980 yen. I told him that it was more expensive, so he made a mistake. He checked the price on the computer, but he said that it cost 1,980 yen. Since it wasn’t my fault to put the wrong price on the tag, I had no reason to argue with him about the price in the first place. I was able to buy new hair dryer very cheaply.