I go to a hair salon twice a year.

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Jun 13, 2018 22:20
I go to a hair salon twice a year. Even though it takes four hours to finish having my hair permed and cut, I always look forward to seeing my hairdresser. Since she has known my hair very well and has a good skill, I am always satisfied with her job. A few days ago, I went to the hair salon. I felt something wrong with my hairdresser who didn’t seem as happy and cheerful as usual. It was up to her to tell me the reason why she looked upset and I knew that I shouldn’t ask her about it. After thirty minutes or so, she began to tell me the reason little by little. Her dog was passed away and she was devastated by grief. When she told me about the death of her dog, my sad memories of my cats that were gone many years ago came back to me. I used to have two black cats many years ago, and they were gone because of sickness. I was able to understand how she felt about her dog. I was there for having my hair cut, but I couldn’t control myself and cried with her in front of the mirror.