After work, I went to a pharmacy to buy a toothbrush.

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Jan 12, 2018 23:39
After work, I went to a pharmacy to buy a toothbrush. This store is very popular because it sells many types of things with discounted prices such as medicines, cosmetics, shampoo and so on. I found a 58 yen toothbrush and waited in a long queue to pay money for it. When I was about to leave the store, I remembered that I needed to buy a detergent for a sink. However, I didn’t want to wait in a long queue again, so I went back to my house without buying it. I knew that there was a supermarket which sold merchandise very reasonable prices close to my house. I stopped by there and looked for the same detergent at the supermarket. I was very shocked to see the price was much more than I expected to pay. The same thing, but the different prices. I stood in front of the selves of many types of detergent for over 5 minuets. Then, I decided not to buy it. I thought that I won’t die if I skip to clean up the sink with a detergent.
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