My life in the UK: My birthday VS Donald Trump

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Jan 25, 2017 02:26
It was my birthday last week. Also Donald Trump became the American President officially. I won't be able to forget what happened on my birthday day in 2017. I can't believe he is now US president....To be honest, If I were American I did not want either Hilary or Trump, even if Hilary had got the position, I would have been upset as well... Anyway, Jules and I went out for dinner at Thai restaurant on my birthday night. Some customers at the restaurant was talking about the US president. We didn't want to talk or hear about him over the dinner because it's my birthday. I got special birthday cards from Jules that was handmade and it looked like the pics of Trump put on the card but actually Jules's face on instead of him. The message was like Eico first! Eico first!! OMG. but That was so funny!