My life in the UK: It annoys me that my husband calls me at our salon.

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Jan 31, 2017 06:44
The gentleman who has funny accent asked me that he wanted to make his hair cut appointment on the phone. I asked him when were you thinking of. He said " I'm thinking of you" I was like " what's going on??? Did I miss something because of my poor English listening skill?. I asked him again calmly and professionally if he could make it at 4 o'clock tomorrow. He said he could make it at 4.30 pm; he could go out for a drink with me after work if I like. I was totally confused and speechless. After long pause..... I nearly hang up the phone because he sounded mad and creepy. Next moment " Hey It's me darling!!! It's Julian " Actually it was my husband. He always does to me. He is such a moron. That's really annoying!