My life in the UK: Belated happy new year everyone!

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Jan 11, 2017 05:13
I'm back from my holiday in Thailand. The holiday was fantastic. We had a great time. However when we arrived at the Heathrow airport our suitcases didn't turn up. I got bad feeling about it actually because Phuket airport was mess up. There was a massive que in front of our check in counter and one of passengers told me that they were waiting for more than two hours. Obviously they didn't know what was going on. A European people got tired of waiting and started shouting to the staff, Chinese family looked very upset and panic, A Japanese guy tried to cut in line and Italian women shouted at him to stand in line. I heard she said she hates Japanese. Finally we found out the plane before our flight had been rescheduled. Luckily We could make our original flight but our suitcases was behind and they are missing. It's a great start isn't it. Have you had lost/delay luggage before?
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