My life in the UK: An anaconda sleeper VS A snore monster

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Sep 5, 2017 04:13
Apparently, I toss and turn a lot in bed. I believed I am a peaceful sleeper, but Jules always say that I am a terrible one. I didn't believe it until he got some evidences. He took and showed me a picture which I were sleeping. My knees were up, my hands all over the place and half of duvet was between my legs... That was terrible to be honest. I'm so embarrassed to say, but an another morning, he showed me a different picture of me again. I wrapped and twisted duvet around my body. Oh dear, I looked like an anaconda!! I feel sorry for him but it can't be helped. I struggle to sleep when Jules snores. Right back at him. Which would you prefer an anaconda sleeper to a snore monster if you had a partner to sleep with? Marriage couples are romantic! .... not!