My life in the UK: It's not working anymore...

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Jan 31, 2017 23:36
It's my day off today. I had a lunch with my friend. I'm here just wondering what is love because she told me that her marriage life is over, it has been for a while. She told me that her English husband always wanted her to show her affection or love. He always tried to spend time with her even though he had a busy day but she didn't, because she always busy with work, look after her son or social life without him. That was true. She still loves him in her way she said, but I think it was too late. It sounded like he gave up on her. It is just not working anymore. I think they had better move on separately. I didn't say anything to her as it was her business. Again, one Japanese/English couple after another dropped out of their relationship. It's kind of sad.