My life in the UK: Unforgivable culture shock ( WARNING!!!)

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Jan 26, 2017 05:13
That would never happened in Japan. I never seen this happen in Japan. This is what happened at our hair salon in the UK...... When I was in stuff room I smelled something really bad. I asked my colleague if she could smell something. She said she smelled something like stinky bum. We opened the toilet door which is next to stuff room and had a look inside. However it was clean. We were sure that smell definitely came from the toilet. She opened the lid of sanitary bin in the toilet. OMG, We found massive poo was in there. I was nearly passed out because of shock. Is it for religious reasons or something? Oh, please! When in rome, do as the romans do!!!!!! especially in the public place. I'm really shocked! I experienced proper culture shock. I feel sick now.
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