Life in the UK: Back to normal

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Jan 14, 2017 06:27
I like working in the UK because I can take a long holiday whenever I want. My boss and colleagues always enjoy their holiday,too. They usually have 2 weeks holiday twice a year. If I didn't take any holiday they will be upset about it. However When I used to live in Japan, Things was opposite. The company I worked gave me maxim 10 days pay holiday one go. It was Just 10 days but my friends used to get jealous me had 10 days holiday as most of friends of mine didn't allow to have over 5 days or 6 days holiday. My ex-Japanese boss and colleagues wasn't happy with me having a long holiday because everyone wanted and no one hadn't done yet. Pay was great and I loved my job but I couldn't have enough holiday in Japan. Now I'm here thinking about next holiday! Working in the UK is great to me!
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