My life in the UK: Would you like to go to "Westworld" for holiday?

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Jan 26, 2017 22:29
Have you seen the film called Westworld? It was made in 70's first. It's about you can enjoy at a futuristic-theme park for holiday which is invested by wealthy guests. There is a life and new world that run by the super intelligent artificial android. You can also go back in time and enjoy in an American old west. If you got shot by accident you can go wrong and never get hurt or die. That was a great film. I loved that. Amazing thing is HBO started making new TV series 'Westworld " It looks super big budget and great story. I just started watching first series I've hooked it already. What to do if your partner was an android? Is this world is real? or someone control it? who are you? I love these type of story.