My life in the UK: Consideration of others is a virtue in Japan.

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Jan 16, 2017 00:14
We are usually allow to have a paid holiday if you work for Japanese company in Japan. It provided by law. iHowever I've seen lot of employee didn't take a long holiday in one go. I've never heard that someone had a 2 weeks holiday. I have one idea about one of the reason as a Japanese. It's because we believe that if you took such a long day off in one go, obviously your colleagues would be busier or your clients would be upset. You might think you don't like such an inconvenience situation for yourself too so you don't want them to feel the same either. Because of these reason, I think people tent to work so hard and don't take a long holiday in one go. You might think we Japanese can be victim on our own choice. I mean Japanese are cutting your own throat something like that? Would you like to work in Japan?