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Jul 2, 2019 01:27
I think I got a cavity. But it doesn’t hurt consistently. If I were in Korea I would go to a dentist immediately; because it doesn’t cost a lot. Like 300NZD i guess?. But I’m in overseas and it’s really expensive to receive a treatment from a local dentist. It costs almost same as a round trip flight ticket to Korea.
충치가 생긴 것 같아요. 근데 지속적으로 아프진 않아요. 한국이였으면 300달러정도면 되니까 바로 갔을거에요.
제가 해외에 있는데 여긴 치과비용이 너무 비싸요. 한국 왕복항공권이랑 비슷해요.