Living overseas

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Jan 16, 2020 17:44
I’ve been here, in NZ for almost 10month.

I was depressed in first few months because I couldn’t see much foreigners in my whole life; And there were bunch of them out there.

Since my goal was improving English and experiencing foreign country, I need to talk to them. And make some friend!

But I was scared.
At that time, i didn’t know what I was scared about.

Now i know.

I need to talk about my country witch I love..
I always felt that I’m not belong to Korea.

Everyone around me thought and said that;
-you better study hard if you want to succeed.
-women have to ware a make up.
-makiing a lot of money is the best
-you have to get married one day
And so on..

And also I felt that everybody’s judging me.
About clothes I were, money I make, how much I weight, if I’m pretty or not, which school I went, how well am I educated.

But I didn’t wanna were a make up, have a pretty face, go to university which is Very expensive, just because everybody go; even they are not interested in their major.
That’s why i felt I’m not belong to Korea

And of course now I know all of them are ridiculous.

In fact, I was scared if someone judge me. Especially about my English.
Not only local people but also Koreans who live here

Now I’m kind of got used to this country, and know that no one judges me. :)

Since the Korean culture pursue to not pop up (extraordinary),
I tried to think like every body else did.
I ate what most people ate, wore clothes which people in my age wore..
As a result, I didn’t know what I really like or what I don’t like.
I thought I’m not good at writing but it was because i didn’t really have my opinion.

Not like Korea, There are so many different people living here from different countries.
I need something to define my self.
So i started to think about what I really like, who am I.

Living overseas is difficult and lonely but worth it.