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May 9, 2016 20:46
There's a band I like that plays music called shoegaze or shoegazing. It's a subgenre of alternative rock, the name of which comes from the fact that this music is fairly complex, and so guitarists have to just stand still and look down at their guitars. It's kind of a gibe thought up by the music press. I'd say the genre has two distinctive features: the first is the dense ambient sound made by the guitar, and the second is dreamy and quiet vocals.

The band I mentioned is an Irish one called My Bloody Valentine. It was one of the shoegaze pioneers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some shoegaze bands play calm music, but My Bloody Valentine is notable for its noisy and loud sound, although I never like to turn up the volume too high for any music. Their live shows are also very loud: I've been reading comments on YouTube where people who've been to the concerts shared their feelings. It's a little scary what they say. Those who hadn't had earplugs on couldn't hear normally for weeks afterward.

I'm somewhat sorry for the band members because, well, the audience listens to their thundering guitars and then leaves, and those who listen to this music at home can turn any volume, but the musicians themselves have to compose, rehearse, perform this music. Nevertheless, they had a big influence on other bands, and their second album, Loveless, is an absolute classic of shoegaze.