The size of pupils depends on the extent of trust.

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Aug 12, 2015 05:58
The size of pupils depends on the extent of trust.

During the experiment, people with narrow pupils have been discovered often not to be trusted by their interlocutors.

Human pupils are known to widen at sight of an interlocutor who is trusted. Scientists have proven that pupils not only widen but "synchronize" their size with that of an interlocutor.
For the experiment, the participants had a number of photographs from which they were to choose people who were presumed by them to be trusted and who they could give one to five euro to. The people who got the largest sum of money, consequently, were the most trusted among the other participants. During the experiment, a volunteer's pupils size who gave five euro and the man's on a photograph have been discovered to be identical.
The scientists have also noted that people with narrow pupils quite often aren't trusted. The researchers compare this fact to the animal world where small pupils show anger and aggression.
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