Scientists have discovered that cats were the cause of ancient dogs...

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Aug 25, 2015 06:16
Scientists have discovered that cats were the cause of ancient dogs' extinction.

Scientists consider that competition with cats played a low-down trick with many species of the dog family.

Scientists from Sweden, Switzerland, and Brazil have announced their deductions regarding the cause of ancient dogs' extinction. They researched one thousand and a half dog skeletons of one hundred and twenty extinct species. Before that, scientists had presumed that these animals had been victims of a climate change. It turned out that forty species had become extinct after Asian cats had settled in North America.
The survival of any predator species depends on its ability to feed itself. Cats and dogs competed for food and territory. The representatives of the cat family were more adapted, and the number of dogs gradually decreased. Now only ten species of dogs live in the territory of North America.
These deductions (assuming that they are true) are a good proof for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. It states that the extinction of species and the formation of new ones are connected with the competition of different living beings rather than climate changes or other factors.
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