I was very lucky (English homework)

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Dec 25, 2015 03:35
I was very lucky (English homework)

1 Our group must have been very scared in the mountain expedition last year. There was a snowy mountain ridge and our group felt down from there. We tried to stop falling without any effect. Finally we stooped near the stones on the snow. We were very lucky. We might have gotten hurt.

2 I must have been extremely irritable last week. I worked really hard to prepare a software release. I think I was rude to my colleges. Actually they were lucky. Because I could have been even more rude then I were.

3 I must have been lonely on the summit of the Radistov peak last year. Our group could not find the way down from the mountain. Our lead said that we could stay overnight there. Fortunately, we found the way down which has not been marked on the map. We were very lucky. We might have had frostbites and pneumonia.

4 I must have been brave on the Belucha mountain this summer. I jumped over big gravases. I jumped and scrambled with my ice-ax. And my feet just hanged in the gravass. I hit the nose on the ice-ax. I was very lucky. I could have fallen down to the gravass.

*gravass - crack in the ice but I'm not sure in this word
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