Factors Contributing to the Increase in International Travel

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Feb 21, 2019 22:00
Nowadays you could potentially meet someone from the opposite side of the world every day at your neighbourhood. Something that 60 years ago was rare nowadays is the most common thing.

The reason behind all this international movement is, mainly, that transports have extremely increased their speed. A journey that 50 years ago would take hours takes minutes now. A hundred years ago going to another continent was something tedious and you would risk your life by doing so. Now you can buy at a reasonable price a plane ticket to be anywhere in less than one day comfortably seated watching a film or reading a book or playing videogames.

I often think of all those traveling in the past, for years sometimes, in a desperate attempt to have a better life and provide a better future for their offspring. Risking their lives, leaving all their memories and belongings behind. It was really different back then.

But then, life has changed so much in such a short period of time. You can connect with anyone just in one click, you can get advice, you can see what other places look like before going. You can even "walk" through the streets of Japan from Canada! Therefore the risk is minimal, you can get an accurate idea of what life would be beforehand.

Also advertisement on social media makes you see long distance trips as normal, as part of a not so exotic destinations to go on vacation. Everyone knows someone who went to another country on vacation, for work or to study.