Today I saw an article that is talking about "The child who wo...

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Jun 17, 2019 23:09
Today I saw an article that is talking about "The child who wouldn't be happy if he/she always does the things because of his/her parents want them to do."
In fact, I think in our education many parents actually like that kind of children who wouldn't refuse their asks for. They hope their children don't ask why and just do it. They always think they are corrected and their choices are the best for their children. So they wouldn't ask their children whether they like it or not. And on the other hand, children are afraid if they don't follow their parents' words. It's may make them angry even will be abandon by their parents. So they do that thing even they hate it.
I remember when I was a child, one day, I don't want to do something that my mother asked me to do. I don't remember what is the thing she asked me to do, but I remember she was angry and she drags me out of the door and said she didn't want me anymore. I cried and I didn't know where can I go. After that thing, a lot of time I did the things which my mother asked me for but I don't want. Although I think my mother just wants to scare me and let me wouldn't do it again. But it's really hurt my feeling and insecurity. Now I want to change, I hope I wouldn't care about other people thinking anymore, but it is really hard.