What's kind of life I want to have?

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Jun 12, 2019 21:56
What's kind of life I want to have?
Have a steady job and income?
Have a husband who nice to me?
Someone says have a normal life is the most happiness thing in the world. Maybe one day I'll feel that too. But now I have a lot of things want to do. I want to travel around the world with him. I want to find a job which I really like and I can decide all the things in my way. I also want to live in a foreign country for a short time (maybe one or two years?) People might will say "You are already 30 years old! That is not a good idea for you. " But I think "I'm just 30 years old! I'm still young!"
Although I think that things so attract me. But I can't decision easy right now.