Report on Improving the Facilities and Forms ofEntertainment at School (Report)

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Feb 6, 2018 18:58

The aim of this report is to present the results of a project organised by myself to find out which facilities and forms of entertainment the students of the school would be like to be introduced. In addition to this, the report also explains which methods were used for this purpose, the changes suggested by the students and the benefits that such changes would come with them.

Method of Gathering Students’ Opinions

On Saturday morning, students were asked to meet in their classrooms to take part in a project which purpose was to know what changes they would introduce to improve the facilities and forms of entertainment at the school. In order to ensure that everybody could express their thoughts, in each class, students first formed groups of five and wrote down their suggestions. After that, the spokesperson of each group met with the others to reach a common agreement that later was discussed with the representatives of other classrooms. They wrote a report presenting the findings of their meetings which was signed for each of them on behalf of all their classmates.

Changes What Students Would Like to Be Introduced

The results showed that most students would like the school to support the football and basketball teams. Former students have told them that long ago, school teams succeeded in different competitions but because a lack of funding, the sports facilities became outdated and nobody was interested in playing or training in the teams anymore. Spending time doing exercise would help students be fit and prevent them from taking drugs and drink alcohol. Students also showed huge interest in learning languages in a more effective way. Some of them have spoken to students of nearby schools who told them that their schools have successfully carried out language exchanges with Spain and France. By doing so, not only have they improve hugely the language they were learning but going abroad was also an unforgettable experience thanks which they could learn first-hand about other cultures.

Suggestions and Final Comment

Although the main problem remains the lack of money, I think that if the School Board went to great lengths to inform the City Council about the findings of this project, it would agree on providing financial support for carrying out both programmes. Playing sports and learning languages more effectively would mean to invest in the future of our students.