Be Sure When Choosing a Book

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Apr 11, 2019 17:46
After finishing the last two books, I have decided to try other different genres. I have to be more meticulous regarding choosing what book to read. Along with improving my English grammar and my reading comprehension, I want to take advantage of the time I spend reading books written in English learning about what has happened and is going on in other countries.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that the last two books I have read are bad but they are not about what I am interested in. The latter one is “Wilt”, a suggestion of my wife. You might even have read it or heard of it. Wilt is about an unhappy middle-aged white British vocational training teacher. At work, Wilt believes that he has been wasting his life trying to teach how to make a living to uninterested rude students in their late teens. At home, things are not much better. Wilt’s wife believes that her husband is the most boring person on Earth. Unlike Wilt, his wife is always keen on attending parties in which she can meet interesting people who can teach her about arts, other cultures and new experiences. When Wilt masterminds how to get rid of his wife, what seems a drama turns out to be a hilarious story.

The book I just finished, Claim Me, is about the frenzied romantic relationship between a former beauty queen recently graduated from university and a former tennis-pro youth who has managed to build a multi-billionaire empire by himself. As soon as I began reading the first pages, I realised that the book was, in fact, a romantic novel. Although, unlike what I thought that a romantic novel was, Claim Me goes one step further describing their passionate trysts. So much so that after having read the first three chapters, which detailed thoroughly how fervently they showed their love, I thought that was the only purpose of the author. In the end, I learned that both of them had gone through very harsh childhoods which had marked their lives. Without wanting to spoil you the end of Claim Me, I tell you that when looking for critics about the book, I learned that it was the second part of a trilogy. So if I wanted to know how these ardent lovers’ story finishes, I would have to read the final book of the trilogy.

After these two unsuccessful readings, it is quite unlikely that I read another romantic novel again unless I know for sure that it is a masterpiece. As for comedies, I will only read them once in a blue moon. I hope that the two books I have just bought, one about the friendship between two Yemeni women and another about a stowaway who arrives in Istanbul in the sixteenth century, will fill my mind with new interesting stories.