“20 Million Euro”

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Aug 29, 2019 17:51
After the last G7 summit finished, the French Prime Minister hosting the event, Macron, unveiled rapid 20 million euro fund to battle wild fires engulfing the Amazon rainforest. This sum will go mainly towards sending fire-fighting aircraft to Brazil rainforest.

Although there could not be better news than the leaders of the most powerful countries worrying about something different from their own personal businesses, let’s take a closer look at what 20 million euro really means. Holding the G7 summit in such a glamorous place as the French town of Biarritz must not be cheap. In fact, according to some sources, organising the event in itself cost more money than they are going to use to extinguish the thousands of wild fires that are engulfing the Amazon. However, if the leaders of the most powerful countries have to take vital decisions for all of us, it would be better if they were treated in the best way possible. I suppose that is the reason why the attendees to these important meetings always stay in the most opulent hotels and have their meals in the most luxurious restaurants.

Now let’s compare this sum with really important issues. About 20 million euro is what Spain will have to pay to host again a Formula One Gran Prix in Barcelona. However, what most drew my attention yesterday when thinking about what really matters to us is the fact that any football team wanting to sign one of the best footballers in the world, ironically the Brazilian player Neymar, will have to pay 170 million euro. Why do we spend such astronomical sums of money on football players instead of the issues that really matter? Might it be the reason to maintain us entertained and happy instead of being wondering this kind of uncomfortable questions?

Since I read about the Macron’s offerings, I can’t get out of my head his words “20 million euro.” Is this what the leaders of the most powerful countries think our planet cost? In my opinion, the Amazon countries don’t have to be the only countries which shoulder the burden of taking care of the main lung of the Earth. It is the responsibility of all the countries, especially the richest ones, to tackle this issue