Extinction Rebellion: A Different Approach

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Oct 9, 2019 17:17
Last week, when looking for something new to listen to, I came across an interview featuring one of the leaders of Extinction Rebellion. Although it rang a bell, I was not completely sure about what Extinction Rebellion was or what it stood for. So since I’m very worried about climate crisis, I decided that it would be worth listening to this interview.

As I had previously imagined, the interview could not be more interesting. Until now, apart from the most renowned non-governmental environmental organizations, Green Peace and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), I had only heard about my Swedish female teenager heroine Greta Thunberg fight climate crisis. Greta became so annoyed about the severe damage climate change was already causing on the Earth and especially the lack of action world leaders were showing that she decided to take the matter into her own hands by doing a sit-in on the cobblestones outside parliament in central Stockholm. After that, many people have joined Greta’s movement. Greta’s strikes at school have been followed by children from all over the world. Greta has become a relevant public figure who has even been able to make the most powerful world dignitaries blush by her blunt speeches.

However, Extinction Rebellion leaders do not agree with Greta’s or world dignitaries’ approach. They claim that if action is not taken right now, life on Earth will be over. So instead of the aim of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 signed at the Paris Agreement, Extinction Rebellion leaders claim that this goal should be accomplished by 2025. To achieve that, instead of them wasting their time delivering speeches, they take more challenging actions. Extinction Rebellion has been disrupting the traffic in London. They have even gone so far as to try to fly a drone near Heathrow Airport during an environmental protest putting the life of people flying at risk. They do not care about being arrested. In fact, it seems that is what they pursue. Extinction Rebellion leaders claim that climate crisis is like cancer: if you don’t really take drastic measures you are sure to die. They say that our way of life has to change the sooner the better. The time of empty speeches has ended and now it is the moment to show world leaders the power that people has.

You might or might not agree with Extinction Rebellion or Greta’s approach. You might or might not agree with the Paris Agreement’s aim or you might even not believe at all in such a thing as climate change. In y view, we are already suffering the damage of climate change and this is just the beginning. I know that reversing climate change will involve many sacrifices and painful changes but otherwise life on Earth will no longer what it used to be.