Is the Planet Warnings Us?

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Jun 12, 2018 16:55
Strange as it may sounds, most people enjoy watching films in which the entire planet or mayor cities are destroyed by natural disasters such as a volcano erupting in the middle of a city, a tsunami flooding an idyllic island or the entire planet swept by a wave of cold weather. It is understood that most of these natural disasters have been provoked by the damage that we, human beings, have been causing to our planet for so long. As it almost always happens, reality outdoes fiction and this is what it seems it is occurring right now.

During the last few years, everybody has been speaking about how crazy the weather is. Old people claim that when they were younger, everything was different. Back then, everyone knew when it was going to rain or what the hottest day was. However, now, winters and summers are longer and their temperatures are more extreme and autumns and springs have disappeared. Scientists say that all of that is as a consequence of the damage caused to the planet after polluting so much for so long. They say that out planet will never be again as it used to be unless we start living in a completely different way. However, although we became more environmentally friendly, it might already be too late.

Regarding the weather, this year is being the worst in living memory. It seemed the last summer was never going to finish and when it came to an end, instead of coming the autumn, what came was a harsh winter. A winter that, by the way, it seems that it is going to last forever. Although the weather in Spain has become worrying, what is happening in other countries is much worse. In the Caribbean, there have been more and stronger hurricanes. There has been extremely heavily rain that has caused massive and devastating flooding almost in every corner of the planet. If all these disasters were not concerning enough, some months ago, the most active volcano in Hawaii started erupting and now, a volcano in Guatemala is imitating it. The destruction has been such that possibly we never know how many people have died.

It could be time to forget about enjoying watching films about what might happen to our planet and instead beginning to worrying more about looking after it. No one knows for sure whether this situation can be reverted or not but if we do not even try it, I am completely sure that our children will have to think about colonising other planets.