Why Can We not Be Children forever?

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Jun 28, 2019 18:49
Yesterday, I received one of those trying-to-raise-people’s-awareness WhatsApp video messages. Even though sharing moving messages on Whatsapp may be a very useful tool to raise people’s awareness of the many problems that there are in the world, I honestly think that once people finish seeing the video message, they share it on every of their WhatApp groups and the like and resume whatever thing they were doing previously.

The video message I received yesterday touched me deeply. The video features two groups of children being asked if they were granted three wishes, what would those three wishes be? So far, this video might seem nothing out of the ordinary. However, what sets this video apart is where the children appearing on it have been born. While the children of the first group are from Spain, though, they could be from any other Western country, the children of the second group are from Uganda, though, they could be from any other “developing” sud-Saharan African country. The children featured on the video answer the question alternatively. Of course, none of them know the others’ answers.

At first, the Spanish children’s wishes are like any other Western child’s: meeting famous people, recording videos with famous people – especially with Youtubers- being rich – several times - being a clothing designer, having “the Play 4 with the Fornite”, appearing on TV, being a super heroine, being a Youtuber – a highly desired wish - having the Nintendo Switch, visiting the Harry Potter’s Parks alone, that the girl of my class who I like likes me too – charming - that my grandma returns – touching. There are other Spanish children with more altruist wishes such as good health for everybody, no more bullying, acceptance of bisexuality, no more gender violence and that people recycle more.

After being showed what Ugandan children have wished (driving a car, building a house, dressing well, having a pair of shoes, having a laundry, sleeping on a good bed, eating good food, having a swim on the beach, being a ship’s captain, being a teacher, being a doctor, having a home, speaking English, travelling to Europe and Spain) the Spanish children are asked again if they would continue asking the same wishes. Their answer is a unanimous and categorical no. After that their change their wishes for others like to be a super heroin but now to fulfil every one of the Uganda children’ wishes and that they have everything they need. Finally, one Spanish child says: “compared with them, we are like....we have too many things” and another one underlines: “rich people would have to pass through this to see what it is like and we have been lucky to have been born in Spain.”

I wish we did not stop thinking like children. Sadly, as times passes by, not only do children become adults but they also change the way they think. If only all those people who have in their hands the world’s fate thought like children, they would be able to save our beloved planet Earth.
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