We Are Running out of Time

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Sep 3, 2019 23:56
Some days ago, when I was getting close to the bakery, I saw a group of children outside the establishment. The eldest of them wouldn’t be older than five and the youngest one was just a toddler. As they were wearing matching clothes, I supposed that they would be siblings or cousins. Whilst I was waiting to buy bread, I could not help but think about the bleak future of those children who were so happily playing outside the establishment.

That was not the first time that something like that has happened to me. In fact, it is something that occurs to me quite often. As soon as I see a couple with one or several children, I begin to wonder about how old these children will become. Honestly, with every passing day, the answer to my question is gloomier. In the last few decades, our planet has been warning us that things cannot continue like that, that every year, it is even worse. The summer that is about to end has been the hottest and driest ever registered in history. Things in the winter before had not been better. In fact, it was the coldest ever too. Extreme temperatures are not a good signal, especially when it has been happening in places where it had never happened before. It is as if the Earth were complaining about how badly human beings have done it throughout history, especially lately. It is as if the Earth were too exhausted and it could endure the mistreatment we have inflicted on it any longer. It is as if the Earth were telling us: “if you don’t treat me better, everything will be over, so you’d do better thinking twice things from now on”.

When I was younger and nobody knew about something called climate change, I used to hear that the Earth would be destroyed by a nuclear war, that human beings would be wiped off the face of the Earth by their own stupidity and ambition. Now that the consequences of so many years mistreating our planet are in plain view, we still keep doing things in the same way, or even worse. We will never learn from our mistakes. We will keep thinking about the mundane things instead of what it is really important: saving our planet. It seems that only a Swedish teenager is trying to raise awareness about our own self-destruction. Sadly, instead of all those who can still reverse climate change paying her all their attention, it seems that they prefer to finish the planet off by fighting each other.

Back to the children playing outside the bakery, if you asked me whether I would have children now, my answer would be a resounding “no”. Which would their future be?