The More I Think about Our Politicians, the Less I Understand Why We Voted for Them

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Jul 3, 2019 17:17
Yesterday morning, a group of relentless, courageous Greenpeace activists turned up unexpectedly to prevent as far as possible the moratorium on “Madrid Central” from being carried out. Before the police was aware of what it was going on, the Greenpeace activists arrived to one of the “Madrid Central” entrances – just opposite the city hall - and chained one another to block the street. Not wanting to upset people travelling in public transport, the Greenpeace activists did not interrupt the bus line.

When I saw on the TV news a policeman trying to lift one of the Greenpeace activists with all his strength by applying a Judo-like technique on him, I could not help but wonder what the hell we are doing. Instead of contributing with our tiny grain of sand to stop the unstoppable climate change or how it is now called, the climate crisis, we are more worried about Greenpeace activists trying to raise awareness about the worst problem human beings have ever faced. This is just another example of what the politicians’ and rulers’ goals are. I do not remember when I last saw an honest politician, if ever. I know that not all of them are corrupt and dishonest. I know that I should not generalise. I suppose that among the hundreds of politicians who have been ruling my country and the thousands of politicians who have been governing the world there must be honest ones. Although judging by what they have done to reverse the climate change, I do not think so.

The new council of Madrid has fulfilled its most controversial electoral campaign promise: stopping “Madrid Central” immediately. Whereas private cars have been banned from entering in the centre of most big cities, in Madrid the new council has done the opposite. Since yesterday, private cars are free to enter the city centre regardless of whether they are environmentally friendly or not. The new council has said that until a new upgraded solution is found, instead of fining private car drivers entering the city centre, they will receive notification through which they will learn that what they did is wrong. In other words, instead of being fined, they will be scolded as if they were children who have played a prank.

When will our leaders realise that we are heading straight for disaster? Why, after seeing natural disasters worsening every single day that goes by, don’t our leaders take action once and for all? I can’t completely understand what on earth they are thinking of when we are on the brink of extinction. Maybe world leaders are secretly building space-ships with our taxes so that when the Day of Judgement comes, they are safe flying towards a new planet.