Answering a Question and Ending up Rambling

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Apr 24, 2019 00:24
After having corrected a buddy’s entry about how Passover, or Easter as Catholics call it, I wrote a message telling her how important I think maintaining cultural traditions is and what happens in my country regarding this issue. I suppose that because she was intrigued, or puzzled, by what I had written on my message, she wanted to learn about the reason for this to happen. After a while thinking about how I would be able to write about what happens in my country regarding cultural traditions in just a few words, I decided to write an entry instead.

For some time now, Spain has changed from being a mostly conservative Catholic country to one of the most progressive countries. The reason for this to happen might be that after having been living under a dictatorship for forty years, Spanish people looked forward to living in freedom and catching up with our neighbouring countries, and of course the faster the better. So to accomplish it, everything related to the former regime should be eliminated. That is why, and this is just my humble opinion based on what I have witnessed since 1975, many Spanish people take no longer pride in, or I would even dare to say they really hate everything connected with the state and the Catholic Church such as the Spanish flag, the official and the former one, the national anthem, the armed forces and our traditions. Do not misunderstand me, I am not one of those people who would like living under the former dictatorship and who, according to the result of the last elections and the latest surveys of voter intentions, are increasingly becoming more and more numerous. On the contrary, I consider myself as an open-minded person. In fact, some of the people to whom I usually speak even call me lefty for my ideas. However, I do not think that Spain has to lose its cultural traditions to become a modern, progressive country.

Why can Catholic no longer celebrate their traditions as they used to do in the past? Why can Spanish people not wave their flag, no matter where, because that has become to be regarded as a provocation? Why can centre-right leaders not give speeches at universities, no matter whether or not they are in pro-independence Spanish regions, because you can only do that if you are a “left-wing” or you are in favour of independence? I could continue endlessly asking questions like those but, what would it be the point? There are so many “whys” and so few coherent answers, if any, that I have lost all hope that Spain will be again the same country as it used to be back in the 80s. At that time, thanks to everybody in the country joining forces together, Spain’s transition was an example of how peacefully a dangerous situation can be deal with, something that is far from happening nowadays.
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