Bad Decision Making

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Jun 19, 2019 22:55
I will never understand why politicians, who supposedly should take care of citizens’ welfare, seem to be more interested in their own business than in carrying out the promises they made in their election campaigns.

Each time there are elections, the same happens: Instead of politicians, no matter whether they are right-wing or left-wing, explaining how they are going to improve the city, the region or the country, they begin insulting one another. While the ones who were in the opposition tell the ones who were governing how bad they have ruled the country, the ones who were governing tell the ones in the opposition that the only thing they have done is to criticise everything that has been done. Although ever since I can remember, politicians have always behaved like this, honestly, it is something that I cannot put up with. Of course, right-wing and left-wing politicians should have different approaches when governing the country. However, to tell the truth, after 40 years living in democracy, I do not see any difference between the way right-wing and left-wing parties have to governing the country. I have also seen that the only thing parties governing have in common is to automatically dismantle what the former govern has done, no matter whether it was beneficial or not.

The former city council of Madrid carried out a plan to tackle rising levels of pollution. If the levels of pollution reached a given level, not only would it be harmful to the city environment and the citizens’ health but the UE would also impose strong sanctions on the city. So driving through the city centre was banned to high polluting private vehicles. Needless to say that “Madrid Central”, as this plan is called, has been very controversial. Even though since “Madrid Central” was put into practise there have been a remarkable decrease in the levels of pollution, many people claim that the city council should have had into account the problems that such an ambitious plan could entail. After the former government losing the local elections, the new one has paralysed “Madrid Central” until a better solution is found. It goes without saying that “Madrid Central” being paralysed has given rise to even more severe controversy.

In conclusion, although “Madrid Central” is far from being perfect, I completely disagree with paralysing it. In my opinion, the new city council should start working on how to improve it since otherwise it might be very damaging for their political aspirations and more importantly, for the citizens’ health who, in the end, are the one who choose their rulers.