Report on Social Problems Social Problems in My Country

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Feb 22, 2018 19:26

The purpose of this report is to list the main problems my country have as well as their causes and consequences so that they are covered on the documentary that the television company I am working for is preparing on this issue.

Main Problems

In the last few years, the main problems that the country has gone through are: public safety, terrorism, the financial crisis and the cutbacks on public health and education. However, when people are asked about what worries the most, they have no doubt about it; the unemployment, especially amongst young people, and the high levels of pollution.


Although Spain is considered to be one of the richest member countries of the U.E., the country has the highest unemployment rate in it. In the 1980s, the Spanish women’s role was still to bring up their children and take care of their homes. It was then, however, when they decided that it was time to work outside the home. Not having enough jobs for everybody made unemployment increased and even these days, the country remains having this problem. Regarding the high levels of pollution, Spain is a country where there is a great lack of foresight. That is why, despite being Spain a very sunny and windy country, we have continued relying in fossil fuels.


The high level of unemployment amongst young people, regardless of how well-prepared they are, will prevent them from leaving their parents’ homes. This issue will also entail that they will have children late and as result, the Spanish population will age. As for pollution, many Spanish cities are already suffering its first consequences; people having more breathing problems, cars banned from entering in city centres and more forest fires than ever. If the government do not invest more money in renewal energies, the most likely scenario will be that Spain will become a desert.


Since young people can no longer rely on the government to find a solution for the lack of jobs, they will have to be willing to work abroad. By doing so, they will gain experience as well as money. To try to improve the high levels of pollution, the government should encourage people to use public transport and environmentally friendly vehicles rather than be so dependent on their old cars.