The Open Arms Ship

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Aug 20, 2019 18:41
It has been more than two weeks since news about what was happening on the Open Arms ship began hitting Spanish newspaper headlines. Once again, a ship owned by a Spanish NGO full of African migrants has been looking for the nearest port to disembark them. Once again, it has been a fruitless enterprise.

The closest safe harbour this ship has been to during this period of time has been the Italian port of Lampedusa. After being stranded for over two weeks in the Mediterranean Sea, despite knowing that the far-right Italian PM Salvini had banned any ship carrying African migrants from berthing in Italian soil, the Open Arms ship’s Captain decided to head for Lampedusa. Salvini said that instead of the Open Arms disembarking the migrants in Lampedusa, its captain should lead the ship to a Spanish port. The ship’s captain replied that given that it would take several days the vessel to reach a Spanish port, accomplishing the goal would put at risk both the African migrants’ lives and the crew members’. The acting Spanish government offered several Spanish ports to the Open Arms’ captain. Each of them was rejected for the same reason. The last offer given by the Spanish government was for the African migrants to disembark in an Italian port and from there they would fly to Madrid, the Spanish capital.

I do not what the outcome of this shameful mess will be but I am afraid that these migrants will land in Spain. It seems that this is a problem in which only Spain and Italy are involved. Where are the rest of the UE countries? Where are the countries that have caused this situation to happen? Along with Spain and Italy, given their proximity to Africa, and the UE countries, there are other countries such as the US and Russia which are responsible for all of these mass migrations. Where are they? Competing with each other to see which of them develop the most deadly mass destruction weapon? Trying to buy a vast extension of land from other country?

We do not deserve such as egocentric rulers.