How Rapidly Your Life Can Be Turned Upside Down

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Apr 8, 2019 18:49
On Friday morning, when I was sitting placidly in my armchair reading a book, I heard some strange noises. To tell the truth, being so immersed in the book made the noises hardly audible for me. At one moment, I looked away from the book and something caught my attention. The noises came from a flat just in front of my own which was being devoured by flames.

I stood up right away and went to the living room window from where I could see the horrifying scene of flames coming out of the windows of a house that was being reduced to ashes. Although I was petrified by the dreadful scene, I felt that I had to do something more than being a mere spectator. So I called 112 and told them what I was seeing. The operator at the other end of the line told me that they already knew about the fire, something I could notice by hearing the fire engine sirens that were arriving at my neighbourhood. It was then when it dawned on me that there may be people inside the home. I turned on the TV but it seems that it was still a bit early for them to know what was happening in my neighbour. Shorty after, it started appearing some captions telling about the fire on the news and later I began watching the same scene as I was seeing from my home. They said that when the fire fighters entered the house on fire, they found three people, one of whom had already died, another was suffering a heart attack and died at the hospital and the third one was seriously injured.

Watching this appalling scene, both from my home and on TV, made me think about how dramatically your life can change just in the blink of an eye. One day everything is okay and without being aware of it, something turns your life upside down. I heard on the news that the fire could have been caused by someone suffering from Diogenes syndrome. One of those people who never gets rid of anything and cannot help but storage up everything they find in the street and. I do not think that having your home full of all sorts of things can be the cause of a fire but why the flames can spread more rapidly. Eventually, I also saw how fight fighters managed to enter the burning home and put the fire out, though, it was already too late for the three people living in the house.

Three days have passed and every day I see, just in front of my own house, the wreckage of my neighbour’s. Not only is this now put out home’s vision a reminder of life’s importance and fragility for me but also of how much time we waste being concern about silly things instead of enjoying our lives as much as possible with our loves ones.
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