Why Can We not Settle our Disputes on Playing Fields and Stadiums?

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Sep 11, 2019 18:32
I have always seen courts and stadiums as small battlefields in which modern gladiators representing their countries fight each other to see who is best. In fact, the Greeks must have had a similar idea when they first held the Olympic Games. However, although for the duration of the Olympic Games the hostilities among the several city-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece ceased, they were resumed once the competitions ended.

I do not think my idea of settling countries’ disputes on playing fields and stadiums is so absurd. Since Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee in 1894, which led to the first modern Games, countries taking part in them have always tried their best. The Olympic Games along with relevant sporting events, such as the football World Cup and the like, have always been the best stage to show the world which country is the most powerful. During the Cold War, Western countries and Iron Curtain countries fought as hard as they could to win the greater number of medals. Sporting events were, and still are, the hugest billboards. So the more successful you are at them, the better the ideals you follow will be. Throughout the Cold War, the country that struck me the most was the former GDR (The German Democratic Republic, what a curious name for a dictatorship) I have never seen and likely I will never see again a middle size country like this winning so many medals at Olympic Games and world champions.

Can you imagine right now powerful countries like the US, the UK, France, Russia, China and others not as powerful but with a similar destructive power like North Korea and Iran fighting each other to win medals at Olympic Games and then celebrating their victories whilst speaking about building a better and more stable world for everybody living in it? It is highly unlikely that something like that happens. I’m not referring to the fact that these countries could settle their disputes in sporting events but just the fact of contemplating the idea of them carrying out it.