The New Madrid’s Landmark

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Aug 13, 2019 18:19
There is no doubt that Madrid is an appealing city. Proof of that is the huge number of tourists that every year visits it. Its good weather and its wide gastronomic offer make Madrid the perfect destination to spend a long weekend. However, if you are one of those travellers more interested in visiting museums and monuments, Madrid will not let you down.

I am not going to write about the many museums and monuments you can visit if you happen to come to Madrid. For this purpose, it would be better for you to read a touristic guide. I am going to write about the last, and likely, the best viewpoint inaugurated in the city. Until now, there were just a few places from which you could see Madrid from the heights. One of them, called the Lighthouse of Moncloa, is a 92-metre-high observation deck from which you have an amazing 360-degree view. However, this building is not in the city centre. In the last few years, many hotels situated in the city centre have built terraces on their top floors. These terraces are not only available for the hotels’ guests but also for everybody who wants to enjoy the views that can be seen from them while having a drink.

I have visited most of these terraces and, to tell the truth, they have not let me down. However, after waiting for years, the last, and likely, the best viewpoint of Madrid has been inaugurated. This event took place just six days ago. The restoration of the Edififio España has been a very controversial issue. Before undergoing restoration, this historic building had been closed for many years, something completely incompressible given that this building is located in a very well known square of the city from which the most iconic avenue of Madrid – La Gran Via – begins. As soon as I read that this terrace had been inaugurated I went with my wife to visit it. Yesterday morning, when we went to visit this building, there were only two people waiting at the reception desk. The receptionist told us that because the building, which will be a four start hotel, was not finished yet, we would have to take another lift situated on the first floor. The lift led us to the 26th floor on which there will be a club with the most amazing views of the city. However, it was on the 27th floor from where we could enjoy the most breathtaking ever views of my city. The terrace was huge and has two bars. Since we had paid 5 Euros at the entrance, we did not have to pay anything for our sodas.

As you can imagine, we spent a long time on the terrace drinking our sodas while going from one side to the other watching the incomparable views and taking pictures of everything. As if all of this were not enough, the most adventurous ones have the opportunity to cross a short bridge with a glass walkway.