Eventful Days

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Apr 30, 2019 23:15
I cannot help but write about the last few eventful days that I have lived. Days on which my country’s fate was going to be decided in the most uncertain and open general elections in the last years, days on which viewers all over the world could learn a bit more about the Seven Kingdoms’ fate and days on which I was going to finish the book I had been reading.

Yesterday morning, after learning the disappointing (of course, from my point of view) definitive results of the general elections carried out in my country, I felt the need to write about it immediately. So that was what I did. However, since what I was writing was going to be the most boring entry ever published on Lang-8 and because, by chance, one of my language partners called me to have a conversation, I stopped writing my article. Later, I did not find enough time to retake my entry.

Yesterday in the morning, a new thrilling episode of the saga Game of Thrones was also going to be released. As you can imagine, millions of loyal fans worldwide were waiting for this great event to happen. Was the Seven Kingdoms’ fate more important than Spain’s? Was there any similarity between what was going to happen to Winterfell and was going on in my own country? Apart from the meanest Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, everybody, who so far had been fighting one another, now were going to join together to fight against the most ever powerful army, the White Walkers. Parties join together to prevent others that have won an election from governing the country. That rings me a bell.

I will finish my entry by writing a bit about the book that I have read, The Piano Cemetery by the Portuguese author José Luís Peixoto. Although I have always read books written by native English speaking authors, the short review written on its back cover made me want to know more about the story behind that mysterious piano cemetery. Halfway through the book, I realised that I had hit the jackpot by picking the Piano Cemetery up. Its simple vocabulary is easy enough to prevent me from constantly looking unknown words up in the dictionary. However, the writer knows quite well how to tell a moving story just by playing skilfully with the few words he uses. Reading the Piano Cemetery made me forget everything that went going on in my country. If you happen to have time, I highly recommend you give it a try. You don’t regret it.
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