Tourist Industry and Its Effects on the Places Where It Is Carried Out (Discurssive Essay)

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Feb 28, 2018 01:51
The two texts present opposed points of views regarding tourist industry and its effects on the places where it is carried out.

The first text highlights the fact that villages, which used to be peaceful and untouched, have been transformed into huge tourist hubs where buildings and nature have been completely spoiled. The writer adds that not only are the towns themselves deteriorated but their populations too. People who used to work in traditional jobs now are working almost like slaves for tourist companies. The second text tackles the controversy among those who firmly believe that tourism industry is seriously damaging and, on the other hand, those who object to this statement. Whereas the former ones make the point that the only aim of tour operators is to offer travellers the last opportunity to visit virgin places, the latter ones argue that some tourist companies are now trying to fix the damage previously done though this could be done for obscure purposes rather than for being concerned about preserving environments.

As mentioned above, both texts gives strongly opposed perspectives with regards to the effects of tourism. According to the first text, tourism has turned idyllic places into huge tourist resorts whose only purpose is to satisfy their clients regardless which price has to be paid. The writer supports his point quite well and although he draws a very pessimist picture, I could not agree with him most. Concerning the second text, after reading it in depth, I am not completely sure about the writer’s message. I would have liked to read a more serious text in favour of more environmentally friendly tourist developments which apparently was the goal of the second text.

In conclusion, I very hope that in the short term, private companies and governments are able to cope with this worrying issue. Otherwise, it could be too late.